Closest customers

The supermarkets wherethe MAXITUBE distribution centres are based receive a number of significant advantages over the competitors!

Exclusive offer on home delivery

Delivering goods via MAXITUBE is available only for the connected chain stores. At the same time there is no violation of the antimonopoly legislation as other supermarkets can still bring purchases using traditional courier delivery.

Additional advertising channel and promo

It is technically possible to show video ads and supermarket promo offers on thesubscriber terminals’ screens. Flyers, as well as samples of new products can be delivered together with the order. The retailer is provided with perfectcustomer targeting, based on the history of orders for a certain address: baby food will not be sent as a gift to a bachelor.

Warehouse unloading

As a rule, trucks with products get to supermarkets at night or early in the morning. Since the MAXITUBE system works around the clock, goods can be sent immediately after their receipt at the warehouse. Thus, with the users’ pre-orders, awhole new approach to the unloading of the warehouse stock can be built up.In addition, shipping orders to customers immediately upon the receipt of the necessary items increases the level of customer satisfaction. The user feels cared for, being sent perishable products as soon as possible, which guarantees superior quality and freshness.

Forecasted goods flow

The system of pre-orders will allow to efficiently manage the leftovers in order to avoid overstocking of the warehouse.Planningregular(daily) delivery of a certain product selection will help to determine the exact amount of goods needed, thus optimizinginteraction with the suppliers. Besides facilitating the functioning of the warehouse such an approach allows not to "freeze" the excess working capital in the form of a commodity.

Your shopping mall gains the dominant position among commercial establishments!