Reducing goods traffic and improving ecological situation

It is especially relevant in case of massive construction when there is no possibility of extensive road building. Citizens are forced to go shopping by car less often and delivery companies deliver goods more rarely. In the long run the project will help to reduce the costs of road and elevator maintenance.

Saving energy in blocks of flats

One cycle (ascent-descent) of the elevator to the 10th floor requires 0.15 kWh of electricity. At the same time less than 0,002 kWh is needed to lift a loaded MAXITUBE locomotive. Multiply the difference by the number of trips to the store, courier visits and savings will be substantial. The reduced wear of elevator equipment is not to be forgotten.

Solving the problem of "last - mile" delivery

The conclusion of contracts between MAXITUBE and popular delivery services provides an excellent alternative to public postal services. The is no more need to go to the point of self-delivery or wait for the courier for hours to receive the order from an online store.

Assisting citizens with limited mobility, pensioners, large families and those on sick leave

The project will help to reduce the burden on social services working with pensioners and the disabled at home. MAXITUBE will not replace social workers, but can greatly facilitate their work by ensuring regular home delivery of food, medications, daily necessities, medical and hygiene products. In addition, the conclusion of a contract between MAXITUBE and pharmacies will allow us to timely provide senior citizens with everything they need; even prescription drugs can be delivered using a digital signature.

The project will surely:

  • Easethe traffic
  • Reduce social spending
  • Savemoney by cutting budget expenditure