Our solution sets the vector of development for new services

To date, the transport and logistics MAXITUBE system has no analogues in Russia and in the whole world. MAXITUBE is first and foremost an infrastructure project. Investing in such projects is an efficient way of city development. In the short term, such investments will create new jobs and solve social problems, and in the long run they will contribute to economic growth in the region and improve the overall quality of life.

Statistical studies show that one of the main problems in the newly-built areas is theunderdeveloped infrastructure. More than half of the respondents complainabout the need for long regular trips to the supermarket. A simple calculation shows that 2-3 hours spent on shopping several times a week amount to more than 10 days a year!

Investment potential

  • High-tech engineering product
  • Direct investments
  • Vast sales market
  • High demand for service products