Growth possibilities for developers

It is likely that in the future being connectedto MAXITUBE will become «de facto»standard for the premium and business class housing, although today it is a technical novelty. It will attract not only theconsumers who simply appreciate convenience and comfort, but also the so-called «early adopters», people who are the very first to start using new technologies (remember queuing up with sleeping bags and tents for the new iPhone?). Thus, the housing equipped with the MAXITUBE system becomes a trend, which is talked about and looked up to on the real estate market.

The price of the housing fitted with the MAXITUBE system can be justifiably increased by the developer.

Given that an apartment or house isn’t bought for just one year, the time and money spent on trips to the supermarket constitute a significant amount. Therefore, even in the short term the MAXITUBE system will save the owner of the real estate a substantial sum.

The attractiveness of the property with MAXITUBE on the secondary market.

The system is integrated into the housing during the construction phase and is impossible to carry away or confiscatefor non-payment. Therefore, the accommodation with MAXITUBE has an excellent investment potential. It is worth saying that the MAXITUBE user pays only for completed delivery. If desired, the systemcan be left unused for a long time without any regular subscription payments. This way the developer avoids possible accusations of solicitation.

Including the MAXITUBE system in the development plan can make local government more loyal towards the project

The above mentioned advantages provided by MAXITUBE for local authorities may be a decisive argument in the issuance of a building permit.

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