Robotic transportation system which delivers goods directly to consumer’s fridge

  • We propose to invest in the project with patents and industrial prototype
  • Investments in the global solutions market SMART CITY
  • Direct investments in the technological start-up and E-Commerce
  • High potential for services for users
  • The project with green (eco) technologies and anticipatory logistics, solution for municipal tasks

SMART CITY project - management of urban logistics

Increasing difficulty in the delivery market in the cities

The current service delivery can not cope with the growing challenges of service to urban residents. Citizens spend countless time and effort to our daily routine.

Drones are expensive, have small carrying capacity and flying restrictions

Courier and motorcycle courier delivery take a lot of time (about 35 minutes), increase traffic and it is not 100% reliable

Pickpoints require courier’s participation in delivery process, have time gaps and force customer to go to the pick up point in order to get the parcel

Visiting supermarket by themselves is takes a lot of time and effort from consumers

The Supremacy of the delivery system using the tube and electric drive

From supermarket or Cargo (HUB) directly in the consumer's Fridge it will be window in all the supermarkets of the world.

Click and enjoy!

Cancel: traffic jams, trucks, supermarkets.

Smart fridge will save your time!

Maxitube is able to: bring coffee, do scheduled food delivery, deliver medicine and diapers, papers and documents, perform garbage utilization. It organically fits to the concept of new cities, such as Moscow, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and supplements projects like HYPERLOOP, AMAZON DELIVERY CLUB, DHL

Smart fridge will save your time!

Whole infrastructure network of a district can transportate products between organisations and end users (B2B, B2C, P2P)

Every day 24х7

Maxitube is a great choice for city developers (3% investment results in 100% increase of housing cost), constructors, hotels, hypermarkets and goods manufacturers.

Our goal is the implementation of the system MAXITUBE in the fast-growing global market of new construction

Market global Smart city market is committed to $500 billion in 2023

Market world infrastructure of the cities goes to the target of $57 trillion to 2030

The US market gives more than 1 million new homes every year

Trading volume of $210 billion online food delivery

Market «Сlick and collect» $22 billion US

The price of the global market parcel delivery, including points pickup (picking) shipping sorting and is about 70 Billion euros (China, Germany and USA)

Boom on the market Click and Collect

The world market for SMART CITY solutions

We have done a lot and continue to develop disruptive technologies


The first electromagnetic solutions


The first electric drive models


Calculation of aerodynamics and preparation of the patent to market the invest projects



Rospatent, the Russian Analogue of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK applications filed with the European countries, USA.

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