MAXITUBE - a bright and exciting future

The MAXITUBE Transport System – the evolution of a comfortable life

High-speed trains, robots and the 4th industrial revolution are constantly working on perfecting the image of growing megapolises all over the world. Every day more and more new life-changing devices appear, and one of them can drastically improve our lives by providing a new way of handling everyday tasks.

Find out more about MAXITUBE - a transport system project and an infrastructure solution which is bound to change the life and the architecture of a modern city.

Maxitube is a robotized transport system for goods delivery. An electric locomotive delivers goods to the addressee.

The project includes a pipeline system through which locomotives with goods, points of automatic container stuffing and robotized storage and delivery stations travel. The system has no limitations as for the number of addressees and distance. It can be brought to life both in newly projected and already existing neighborhood units and districts.

How it works?


A customer places an order on the website through a mobile app or by phone and in several minutes the parcel is delivered to their personal PO box located either on the ground floor of a block of flats or in the customer’s private house.

A system that delivers products, goods and ready meals and runs on electricity is convenient for people and efficient for the city.

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Food on time

The customers will appreciate the possibility of regular everyday products delivery. MAXITUBE is fully automated and is able to organize a scheduled delivery at any hour day and night. Fresh yogurt and farm milk can be delivered to the consumer straight after arriving at the distribution centre. Should the client wish, the PO Box used for delivering products can be fitted with a refrigeration unit.

Why do customers like the system?

We have created something truly unique!